Hello everyone, and thank you so very much for visiting my blog! This page truly is a labor of love and a culmination of a lifetime of passion for writing and makeup. Putting the two together seems a natural fit, huh? Anywho, my name is Jenna Leigh, and I am a freelance make up artist, product tester and reviewer, and general know-it-all. I started out giving advice on make up on Yahoo Answers (a fantastic place; by all means, visit there!) and found that I was getting extremely positive feedback about my help and advice. So, why not set up something for that purpose entirely?

A little background on me, you ask? Well, shucks, if you insist. I was born on Halloween- October 31, 1981, in Mobile, Alabama. I grew up there and continue to live there today. I have been passionate about writing since I was able to and have been writing poetry, short stories, rants, raves, and reviews since age 3. It wasn’t until high school that a career in writing even seemed a possibility. My first dream was to be a veterinarian, as animals are another of my passions. Unfortunately, you have to be good at math and science to get anywhere near that profession. D’oh!

I discovered make up at a very young age, as my grandmother was a fanatic for it too.(We will be getting into that a bit later.) Growing up, I was not the pretty popular girl. I spent (as in wasted) so much time adoring those cheerleaders and their friends; wondering what it would take to gain acceptance. Regardless of my many efforts, that acceptance never did come; and I can now say it was the best thing for me that it didn’t.  I know that there are so many of you out there who feel the same way. I found what is special about me and learned to embrace it. Maybe hanging out here, you can begin to do the same thing- awesome, right? Anyway, I don’t want to bore you guys with all my personal stuffs, but let me say one more time how thankful I am that you stopped by for a visit! I hope you’ll continue to visit often- hopefully you’ll become a proud member of the SillySparklyArmy!

Follow me on Twitter- @MissJenna_Leigh   and find me on Facebook-  http://www.facebook.com/sillysparklygrrl


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